There’s a step that we all take alone

An appointment we have with the great unknown

Like a vapor this life is just waiting to pass

Like the flowers that fade, like the withering grass

But life seems so long and death so complete

And the grave an impossible potion to cheat

But there’s One who has been there and still lives to tell

There is One who has been through both heaven and hell

And the grave will come up empty-handed the day

Jesus will come and steal us away


Thoughts of a restless sort:

Second guessing is, well, second nature to me. I agonize over decisions
of right and wrong, good and bad, wanting to do the right thing, but
not always certain of what that is. Sometimes, they keep me up nights,
and fill the empty spaces when I walk. Even after the deed is done, and
written in the pages of the past, I wonder if I could have done it

Tonight, another such decision was presented. And, like so many other
times, it’s not spelled out in black and white. Pray for clarity. Pray
for wisdom, and peace, for all involved.

And pray that I sleep well, knowing that He is in control.


3 thoughts on “

  1. atomic_spirituality

    You know that verse about God giving us the desires of our hearts?
    I think God gives us those desires in the first place. When presented with a difficult desicion, I try to ask myself these questions:
    1) Is this something that will ultimately be beneficial to me spiritualy?
    2) Is this something that I “spiritually” want, or something that I “physically” want?
    3) If I don’t get this, will I be worse off? (If the answer is yes, it’s probably something God wants for me)
    When we are truly searching for God and what He wants, then your “gut feeling” on many of these issues may just be a “voice in the wind”.

  2. DangeresqueDan

    I know what your talking about man it happens to us all. Ill be praying that you will feel Gods peace when the decision is made and that you sleep well tonight. Peace!!

  3. no_wings

    “Cast your cares on him because He cares for you,” 1 Peter 5:7.
    Know that God’s got it. I’ve been reading this book called The Mountain of Silence–I think you’d get a lot out of it. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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