Everyone likes lists.

Number of Ikea chairs in the house prior to last weekend: 1.

Number of Ikea chairs in the house now. 3. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Musical highlight of the week:
The Safeway Radio Network moving into the 90s. It’s usually tolerable
now. When I heard Collective Soul’s “December” at work on Friday, I
almost cried.  I could do without Avril and Britney, but you can’t
have everything. And it does beat the Anne-Murray-and-John-Denver hour
we used to be subjected to in the mornings.

Too bad we’re almost into Christmas season, and they’ll have to butcher
Christmas songs again. Unless they’ve updated that, too- would the
BNL-Sarah McLachlan take on “We Three Kings/God Rest Ye Merry
Gentlemen” be too much to ask? That would be quality.

Honourable mention: Perhaps a
“You Had to Be There” moment, but Finney singing “Cry Me a River” to
chronic whiner RJ at work was something I found quite amusing.

Sports highlight of the week: The Yankees losing in the ALDS.

Did I mention: That the Yankees lost? $250 million sure doesn’t buy what it used to.

And:  The Red Sox did too. Thank you, God.

Number of times Dave’s stocking truck was stolen yesterday at work:

Number of times attemped: 5- once when I was beginning to LOAD STOCK ONTO IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Idiots.

Numbers of times the thief was correctly identified as a produce co-worker: 2. He was shamed into returning it on both occasions. Lazy little snot.

“No Duh” moment- or, perhaps, the best realization she’s ever had: It was brought to my attention the other day that I might- MIGHT- be a little sarcastic.

But then, she might be onto something: My response, deadpan serious: Do you think so?”

Oh yeah: The Yankees are OUT.

Number of hours of overtime Dave has logged unintentionally since the hand scanner’s inception: 1.02, in two weeks. A couple minutes here and there adds up in an awful hurry.

Hours of OT logged by our store’s employees in that span:
307 hours. Somebody’s having an aneurysm right now over this.

Emails in my inbox when I arrived home today: 24. And none of them were spam.

But then, it’s not as bad as Hotmail: “What? A relative of mine has died, and left me money? Cha-ching!”

Consecutive TOOTH gatherings that will be missed, barring a miracle switch tonight: 2.

TOOTH gatherings that will be missed if the  work schedule stays the way it is: 4. Sorry, boys.

Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, GOODBYE!:
To the Yankees. Who lost. In the first round. In case you didn’t know.

And last, but not least:

Concert date for the GREATEST CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME. Undisputed. I will not argue this.: October 26th. Two weeks from now.

I’ll apologize in advance for that. I think my brain is attempting to escape.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Matuga

    Don’t tell me the DAD triumative will finally go unrepresented at TOOTH! NOOOOOOOOOOO!(sound course for me, and Alex’s homework sounds like murder. Not speaking for him, of course).

  2. Emmetovich

    Gentlemen. This is simply not acceptable. One member of the DAD troika must be in attendance tonight. Your reasons for missing TOOTH are lame, at best. Work. Homework. Sound course. You’re making it sound like you have lives outside of the weekly TOOTH meetings. Wait, that might actually be a positive thing (says the guy commenting on TOOTH from his office, at work, when he should be grading papers).

  3. miguel_senchez

    I hope I don’t have to remind you that absence from TOOTH Charter meetings results in disciplinary action of the groin violence variety. Consider your priorities.Mike

  4. Emmetovich

    For the record, Alex is no longer on my “lame list”, since he did play frisbee tonight. Dennis and Dave, however, must redeem themselves lest Mike’s punishment be executed.

  5. Matuga

    I demand a copy of this charter so the lawyers for the DAD triumvirate (*that’s* how it’s spelt) can examine it for themselves and determine if punishment is merited.

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