Thanks, Andrew (and Kristen)- as always, I appreciate the comments. Keep ’em coming.

In the middle of a couple of days off (save for class tomorrow
morning), and quite enjoying my misuse of time.  A little saxing,
a little cleaning, and general laziness, mixed in with copious amounts
of wit on Yahoo! and MSN. Wings tonight was a fine nightcap, with
another showdown on name that tune with resident smart man Micky. Round
2 to me, with an assist to our new contestant Mike (who’s very quickly
learning not to name bands if you don’t have the title)

Today, friends, was a good day, save for the Yankees victory over the
Angels in Game 1 of the ALDS. The Halos’ll pull it out, though- might
take five games, now that they’ve hacked up home field advantage (which
is overrated anyway- good teams win on the road, and analysts ALWAYS
ignore this)

Predictions (yeah, they’re late): ChiSox in five, Angels in five, Cards
in three, and Houston in four. I feel bad for picking against Atlanta,
having won about 348092 division titles in a row, but they’re a safe
bet. To lose.

Alright, that’s it for the sports talk. Wait- the Flames open the season tomorrow. Gotta go over that.

Sports Illustrated, apparently, has picked them to win the Stanley Cup,
which is as good a kiss of death as you can get. The Flames are toast.
Admittedly, this is a better team than the one that limped through Game
7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (anyone else remember the immortal Brennan
Evans, pulling shifts on D for them against Detroit? yeah, me neither),
but to expect Kipper to be as good as he was last year is a little
silly. I don’t expect a JS Giguere-like fall off the face of the earth,
but he’ll be a little more mortal. And the Flames won’t be sneaking up
on anybody this year. Every team in the league will be gunning for them
from day 1, and that will wear on them as the season goes along.

This might be the cynic in me speaking, but I just can’t see them
winning it all. The fan in me wants them to (desperately wants them to,
after coming so close last time), but I can’t see it happening.
Something WILL go wrong. I expect them to win their division (since the
Canucks and Avs got worse), and finish 2nd or 3rd in the conference,
and get knocked out in the second round.

Alright- this time I’m done.

Tomorrow promises more of the same kind of laziness, with a little emphasis on prepping
the house for the upcoming thanksgiving visit from the landlords (aka
parental units, aka Mom and Dad, aka New Years Baby and Near-April
Fool, aka… well, you get the idea).

With two evening shifts on tap for Thursday and Friday, I probably won’t be motivated to do it then.

Lacking any other awe-inspiring words at the moment, I’ll direct you to two more intelligent lines of discussion that could most certainly use your feedback.
I’m out like the Flames’ Cup hopes.


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