Amazing some days how a little encouragement turns you around. Walking
in to work, far too early in the morning, with a splitting headache,
and the first thing I hear is: “You’re a good man, Churchy.”

That made my day. Praise God for the little things in life, and how He uses the unexpected to effect us.

Mom and Dad are coming up next weekend for a Thanksgiving shindig,
which is cool. But on a sadder note, we’ll be saying goodbye to our
cats at that time as well. They’re aren’t dying- they’re in good
health, as old as they are- but we’ll be giving them away, in a mutual
decision between us and the parents (who, coincidentally, also happen
to be the landlords).

A small tribute, if you will indulge me:

I don’t remember what line of thinking led to us getting cats, but I’m sure glad we did.

Tom (black, left) and Jerry (tabby) have been a part of the Church family for over ten years;
far longer than any of us could have anticipated. We’ve heard the
stories of cats who are aloof, who hiss and growl, and shy away from
human contact. From that fateful day in the pet store when Tom clawed
at Dad’s leather jacket, we knew these two to be the exception to the

We had our problems- leaving chocolate anywhere accessible turned out
to be a bad idea, and getting them housebroken was a challenge
initially- but all in all, they were faithful, loving pets, who needed
little more than a lap to sleep on, and the attention of a loving
owner. Sick days were better with cats that seemed to have a sixth
sense, knowing just when you needed a pick-me-up, and the gentle purr
of a sleeping feline.

Despite the fur, the furballs, and the daily WWF (World Wrestling
Felines) display when we sat down to dinner, we love Tom and Jerry,
and wish them nothing but the best in their next home, wherever that
may be.


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