Thus begins Petra Month on Dave’s blog, leading up to what will undoubtably be the finest concert of all time,
on October 23rd at Centre Street Church (this will be repeated ad
infiinitum over the next couple of weeks. Sorry about that.). Again,
friends, I kid you not.

Well, I hope so. I haven’t been to many concerts (blame that on my
being a music snob), but I figure this one should be awesome. Thus far,
my favourite would have been seing Barenaked Ladies when they were in
Calgary in 2003 (despite the less than spectacular opening acts).
Honourable mentions to DC Talk-Jars of Clay, and Matchbox 20-Lifehouse,
both of which were solid experiences. I think I’ve missed three chances
to see Collective Soul, all of which I’ve kicked myself for.

Last I checked, there was still tickets to Collective Soul’s show on Tuesday at
Outlaws, but as I understand it, they may not be on stage until after
10 o clock. So I’m still on the fence for that one, as I’ve got class
early the next day. And I can’t quite convince Dennis to go with me
(any CS fans on this blog who aren’t yet going interested?).

That, and I’ve heart Outlaws is a… somewhat shaky venue. Understand,
these aren’t people with high standards who’ve informed me of this. But
I think it would be worth it… might be a few years before I get the
chance to see them again.



6 thoughts on “

  1. Matuga

    Lifehouse was better then Matchbox 20, who could define the term “studio band”. It’s not that they’re bad live, there’s just no energy to it. – Dennis

  2. DangeresqueDan

    Hhhmmm ya never been to Outlaws myself but I would go I think it is Petra after all. But my question is why are they playing at Outlaws? And as for class well heres the thing if you do go you’ll probably miss most of the lecture because of ear problems from the night before so I think it’s a go… but that’s just me.

  3. Emmetovich

    I’m looking forward to a month’s worth of Petra-themed blog entries. Are you following that theme by renaming your e-props and comments? “Marks of the Cross” & “Voice in the Wind” are two great Petra songs.

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