Mom was in town today, which was tres’ cool. Lunch at East Sides, a
nice roast beef for dinner, and riveting games of Tetrisphere (which I
lost) and Phase 10 (which I won!) afterwards. Doubt I’ll see her again
before she leaves, with class and work pretty much taking up the next
two days, so I’ve said my goodbyes now.

And now, for another episode of ‘You Had to be There’, featuring critical cartoon analysis.

American Dad is slowly but surely catching up to Family Guy. I never
thought I’d say that after the premiere, but it’s getting better.

Patrick Stewart actually does a voice on there, and he had some of the
best (and creepiest) scenes on tonight’s episode. He was also in a Trek
spoof on the Family Guy, with Frakes and Dorn as well, which was gold.

And he sang. Kind of. Alex and I, much like Stan and Francine on
screen, were staring in shock as we listened (those of you who’ve seen
the episode know precisely what I’m talking about). I couldn’t believe
it. Shakespeare, it ain’t. But like his cameo in the Simpsons, it’s
hilarious to hear Patrick Stewart ‘out of character’.

Thus concludes this episode of ‘You Had to Be There’.

I have more- revelations, how to lose poker hands, and possibly the
story of me taking an orange right in the mean bean machine- but that’s
for another entry. It’s late, and I need to wake up a lot sooner than I
want to. G’night.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Shnuff

    We didn’t tape it, unfortunately. If I’d have known he was going to be featured so prominently, I would have.Stewart’s actually a recurring character on the show on the show. He’s the voice of Deputy Director Bullock of the CIA. Alex didn’t believe me, so I had to look it up on IMDB for him. He’s had some great lines the last few weeks, but yesterday night… man.-DaveC

  2. Shnuff

    Andrew: If we had a fourth, the game of choice would probably be Euchre. Phase 10 was fine, though.Lisa: Pretty much. I can’t think of a good comparison for American Dad, a more politically-oriented show by the creator of Family Guy. On occasion, I’ve had to get Dennis to explain some of the humor to me.Family Guy (and American Dad), like the Simpsons, is not for everyone. The humor is quick, edgy, and satirical, often demolishing the boundaries of good taste. You’ll laugh, and feel terrible for laughing at it. Some of the references are really obscure, too- what Dennis Miller would call ‘five-percenters’ (Five percent of the population get it, and laugh, and the rest stare blankly while they try to comprehend the joke). -DaveC

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