Music snobbishness ensues.

Collective Soul has another album out (pictured above). It has been
out, in fact, since May. The recent release of Youth threw me off the

I don’t have it yet, but LAUNCHCAST has been gracious enough to provide a sample for me.

I didn’t say ‘new album’ because it isn’t really new- only two new
tracks (one of which is tucked away at the end of the last song, much
like ‘She Said’ was on Dosage). But all the songs on the album are
performed acoustically, and I’ve always thought Collective Soul would
be good acoustic. I quite look forward to picking it up.

Between that and Kutless’ “Strong Tower” (which I also need to pick up-
and so do you), I figure I’ll be in good shape for a while.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    I’ve been pondering picking up that Collective Soul album. Also, I just picked up “Strong Tower” today…before I read your post. Just thought I’d mention that so you know I don’t easily give in to your powers of suggestion.

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