The hijinks of camping on the Wollersheim acreage (of which I was proud to partake) have been covered here, here, and here. They have pictures, and I know you like pictures. My words are few, and inadequate to the task.

A belated, humble thanks to those that organized and cooked and did
most of the legwork for this venture (since at least 3 of them will
read this at some point). Ryan, Mike, Leah, and Aaron, and the
Wollersheim family come immediately to mind, but you know who you are.
We were somewhat curt in taking our leave, and it was not meant to be a
slight on your hard work. But dammit, it was supposed to be easier on
the way back!

I enjoyed the weekend, save for the sunburning on Saturday (which,
really, was my own fault. I always burn. You figure I’d learn, but
nooooo….). But on the plus side, Dennis got it worse.

What I learned from this: I need to get out and do this sort of thing more.

What I learned from work today: I won’t be able to at this job.

At least in part due to my booking the weekend off- and said weekend
being a little rough on our department- our store manager announced
that we won’t be able to book 3 days in a row off over a weekend
without at least TWO MONTHS notice. A typical management power trip,
and a nice flip-off (one of many over the last several months) to all
the part timers in the store on top of that.

There’s a good quality rant brewing here, but I want to flesh it out a little.

I’m talking to Dennis tomorrow, see if I can take his old job (he got
promoted at ScotiaExpress! Yay for him!). But I want to see what his
plans are before making any of my own.

And yes… school looms. More on that as I know it.


3 thoughts on “

  1. miguel_senchez

    My recommendation is that you submit your 2 months notice of 3 day weekends every week starting now so that you will have them all booked off just in case. Then if you actually want to work some of those days, just take a shift from a deserving co-worker. Also, you need to find out what is the maximum allowable annoying employee behaviour you can get away with while you are there. For example, I think you should clean the first aid kit out of band-aids every shift by using them to cover up the spots where you could potentially get blisters in the course of your work. Then complain to the store manager that there are insufficient band-aids. Also, call in when you are not working and ask specifically to speak to the manager guy. Then we he is on the phone, let him know that you will be at work on time for the next shift and that you are mentally preparing for it right now. Inform him that you are looking forward to it and basically try to keep him on the line for as long as possible thus wasting as much of his time as you can. That’s all the mischief I can brew up right now but I am sure other people could have some good ideas.Stick it to the man!Mike

  2. Matuga

    Wouldn’t call it a promotion as much as finally getting guaranteed work. Guess it’s a promotion of sorts, depending on your point of view.

  3. atomic_spirituality

    1) Every once in a while, page yourself over the intercom.
    2) If asked to clean up some spilled Rice Krispees, or salad, or whatever, reply “Not yet… I want to watch them suffer…”
    3) Pick a co-worker at random. Scream loudly every time you see them. If no co-worker is available, use a mop.
    4) Try to use a co-worker to clean up a wet spill. Explain that you are using them because the mop is trying to steal your sanity.

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