Bacon note of the day: Apparently, people prefer simulated bacon bits
to real ones. A lot of the time, when people ask me where bacon bits
are, they specifically asked for simulated bacon bits (never mind that
they’re RIGHT BESIDE the real ones). I can’t explan this. Why have a pale imitation of
the great taste of bacon when you can have the real thing?

Solved the puzzle– thanks to Mike Paradis for the link. It was the German, in case you were wondering (I got it right! Booyah!).

More crazy-cool blotted out text, explaining some of my solution for
the geeks out there (includes my final solution at the end- DO NOT

anyone else not sure whether or not the green house was right next to
the white house? That clue didn’t read clearly to me, and I ended up
spending about twenty minutes tryng to work around that. To move on, I
had to assume they were right next to each other. They ended up beng
the last two houses in my solution.

I ended up using a spreadsheet when my scribbled notes stopped making sense- I couldn’t really have ‘shown my work’.

My final breakdown, by house position:

Left house: Norweigan, yellow colour, drinks water, smoke Dunhills, owns cats.
Left-centre hourse:  Dane, blue colour, drinks tea, smokes Blends, owns horses.
Centre house:  British, red colour, drinks milk, smokes Pall Malls, owns birds.
Right-centre house: German,  green colour, drinks coffee, smokes Princes, owns the fish.
Right house:  Swede, white colour, drinks beer, smokes Bluemasters, owns dogs.

The congratulatory email said about half of the 7000 who
entered got it right. So did the BBCers buck the trend? How many of us
got it?

Enough geekiness for now. Nah, it isn’t. I’m off to play KOTOR. Later.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, that puzzle….I guess I’m not a brainiac then.
    And geekiness is good…to an extent.

  2. miguel_senchez

    Sounds like most of us did.  I wonder how many would if we had never done or seen one of those grid logic puzzles before.  I doubt I would.  Or at least not nearly as quickly.  Did anyone do it differently?

  3. xstarfall

    Being a graphics nerd, I did mine with Photoshop using layers. The houses were coloured boxes on one layer, the static pairs on one layer, etc. So I could just move them around and it worked pretty well. That was the first time I’ve done a puzzle like that but it’d have taken me waaay longer if I’d just used paper and a pen.

  4. atomic_spirituality

    Paper and pencil took me a little under an hour and a half (luckily my boss was nowhere around)
    I’m still trying to get the goo that was my left hemisphere back into by brain pan, though…

  5. miguel_senchez

    That’s awesome Colette! You get extra points for creativity and ingenuity. Also, that being your first of that kind of puzzle makes the feat ever more impressive.Mike

  6. i_fly_free

    grr next time will you warn me not to read the blog from my email cause i saw the answer in greeen and wonderd why you gave the answer, now i feel even more stupider then before not being ableto solve the stupid puzzle grrrr… not bitter really im not 😛

  7. Shnuff

    Heh, oops. Should’ve thought of that. Sorry, Lisa.
    Green, though? My blog is a very tasteful cyan blue background, and I made the text match that. Further investigation is definately required.

  8. Mike_Paradis

    Man, your method of censoring the answer is infinitely better than mine! Unfortunate that the email system doesn’t work with it though.I used a similar approach as my sister, minus the layers. It was all done in one layer in windows Paint.

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