Mad props, as usual, to those who left comments on my last entry.
Graeme, I’d come out and see you, but Dennis has the car today.

Late nights seem to lead to a more introspective (read: depressing)
frame of mind. Feeling cheerier today, despite the grogginess that
accompanies a 6 am shift. I am also surrounded by cats (Tom, for
whatever reason, likes to sit near the edge of the laptop. His paw will
occasionally strike the touchpad, leading to shenanigans of the worst

I’m convinced there’s nothing funnier than when we’re expecting someone
high-and-mighty in the Safeway hierarchy to come and visit the store,
and our managers try and get everyone to start running around like
chickens with their heads cut off, trying to make everything look
perfect. And then, 90% of the time, said ‘high-and-mighty’ person
doesn’t come. This happens all the time (with prez Chuck Mulvenna
living in Calgary, we’d expect it to). You think they’d learn
eventually, or at least develop a healthy cynicism about the process. I
know I have.

On the plus side, my time in produce has brought me a healthy taste for
fresh pineapple. I can’t stand it canned, or on pizza, but they’re
great when you get a good one fresh.

You know what’s good on pizza? Bacon.


4 thoughts on “

  1. no_wings

    Which cat is the scary one I don’t like? Is it Tom? Or is Tom the good one? If it’s Tom, I suggest you move the laptop, he’s probably conspiring to ruin it in some way. I don’t trust that cat . . .
    Eat more fresh pineapple. My mom makes these wicked shakes with pineapple, blueberry, apple, soy milk, and raw egg (I know it sounds nasty, but it is SO GOOD and healthy-ish).
    Hope the job goes better. I think introspection becomes natural when you’re working late hours and never see people (this was the case during Demo Crew for me) because you have no one to bounce any ideas off of, instead you bounce them off yourself.

  2. ahub

    Dave-e-boy…thanks for beating me in ultimate. I enjoyed it thouroughly. Seriously, I had such a fun time with you guys. Hopefully I’ll make it out a few more times before I’m outta here.

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