Broke out a classic tonight, with a song stuck in my head. “Frail” might be my favourite Jars song of all time.

Moving on…

Time for an installment of “You Had to Be There” for members of my
blog-reading community who happened to be at wings night at Brewsters
yesterday (a surprising percentile, in my final estimation). Text has
been blotted out for the consideration of those who were not, so
highlight if you want to read:

Confirmation can be found here that ‘I Want
To Know What Love Is’ was, indeed, written by Foreigner:

Lou Gramm, the lead singer of Foreigner, also guested on Petra Praise
2, singing on the track “We Need Jesus”. Being a huge fan of Petra as I
am, I originally picked out the voice there, and it was Dennis who knew
he was from Foreigner. So that’s how I initially learned about them.

Mike exagerrates my ‘name that tune’ skill… slightly. If it’s not rock of some sort, I probably won’t get it.

Micky’s reference to ‘Streetheart’ was dynamite.

Now, back to what would be considered normal here. If you figure out what that is, let me know.

Yeah, I’ve recovered from whatever it was that was afflicting me last
week, but I still feel… unsettled. Time is passing far too rapidly,
and I often feel as if I’m standing still, watching the rest of the
world go by, watching friends and enemies come and go. But what am I

Is God waiting on me, or am I waiting on him? Who moves first? Who should move first?

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know the right choice. But I’m tired
of waiting. I’m tired of not knowing the answers. I’m tired of toeing
the line at work and at church, allowing my cowardice to leave me
comfortable, and unchallenged.

These questions, these musings, often meander in and out of my thoughts
from day to day. Am I so afraid of taking a risk? In anything?

Man, this is depressing. Reading it over, this entry definately needed more bacon.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    Hey Dave, name this tune…manamanah.Sorry. Couldn’t resist.But seriously, taking a risk and trusting God is one of the most difficult things to convince our minds to do. We instinctively cling to our thoughts of self preservation. Whenever I feel like this I remember Jeremiah 29:11-13.Then I read Matthew 6:25-34.Admittedly, I am sometimes too stubborn to believe what God is saying in these passages. But they still give my mind something else to ponder rather than dwelling on my own fears.Since you mentioned it, here is something to “bacon-up” this post. Check out this site.

  2. wordloch

    Hey Dave,
    Here’s a sugestion for a good time.  Go to 22x, drive west until highway 1 (through the reserve).  Take a right on Highway one.  Then take a left at the wascana parkway interchange.  Take the next left on Grant road.  Go past the townhouses and castle drive until you’re bout half way into the seond block off wascana.  It’s 3336 Grant road and you’ll have to go round back and ring the doorbell.  Pick me up and we’ll do some crazy guy stuff that would blow your mind.  Take care and see you in about 8 hours from when you read this.  G-man.

  3. ahub

    That is definitely funny stuff Lisa. And Dave, you need no more bacon than the bacon of real life. Dude, God already made the first move in creating you and in loving you. Now its your job to live out the passsions that he’s given you (in a healthy way of course). Of course ask him and listen to his guidance, but he wants you to live life to the full.

  4. Matuga

    I am SO much a bigger Petra fan (guily as charged).He’s waiting on you. It’s all about perception. Will say more in person, as you are several feet behind me and watching me type this right now. Weird, huh?- Dennis

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