I meant to share this when I put the profile pic up initially… I had
the head shaved last year, near the end of the Flames’ run to the
Stanley Cup Finals (what a blast THAT was). I remember going up to the
house to watch it with Dad- he described our entrance as Dennis walking
into the house with a disgusted look on his face, followed by me with a
huge grin as I said, “Hi, Dad!”, flashing the newly minted bald mane.

(Dennis had the gold line, though- waking up in the apartment, seeing
the new cut, surprise and distaste apparent on his face, and then,
deadpan, responding, “I’m going back to bed.”)

Strangely, Mom liked it, and Dad didn’t really- I had expected the
opposite. Opinion otherwise was split- a co-worker described me as
having ‘the perfect head for shaving’ (though I got really, really
tired of hearing “Did you lose a bet?” Come on, you lazy snots, think
up some original material), and I can recall the produce manager at the
time describing me as looking like a ‘serial killer’. In general , guys
liked it, and girls did not, though there were exception on both sides.
And yes, plenty of requests to rub the head. It hurts when the hair is
really short, but it’s a nice gesture.

I wouldn’t mind hearing feedback on that, actually- is that a guy thing to do? Do women usually dislike the shaved head look?

And yes, the hair is back to normal length. If I ever arrive at a time
when I get a good pic of me in that aspect, that’ll go up there, so as
to avoid confusing the masses.

The sickness dogs me, so I’m going to bed.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    Shaved heads are cool…only if you have the head for it…I had a nurse with a shaved head when I was in the hospital. For some reason, the shaved head really fit her personality. Was weird…

  2. ahub

    chicks dig guys with buzzed hair. At least that’s what they tell me…although, stangely enough, I don’t get any attention from them and I have buzzed hair. Girls (sigh).

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