Hey y’all. I’ve had the last few days off, but nothing new to report, really.

Mom and Dad were in town for the weekend. We weren’t able to get out to
Stampede, but it was good to see ’em. Nothing really exciting was done,
save for my thrilling overtime match-play victory over Dad at Mario

The words aren’t coming- even the writing’s been slow the last couple
weeks, with some of my contemporaries out of town, or just enjoying the
summer, and my own creative juices running dry. Inspiration begets
inspiration, and I haven’t got much right now (as if the “manamanah”
entry was not proof enough of this). And now, to end gracefully.

boop… beep… boop… beep…


5 thoughts on “

  1. i_fly_free

    oh dear, dave.  well im glad you got to see your parents. How are they doing?  Sorry to hear you couldnt go to the Stampede.  My b.fs parents came out to visit and they did go to the stampede.  So no exuses lol.  ANyways hope your creativity comes back in full force. 

  2. Emmetovich

    I don’t know, Dave. I thought the manamanah entries were positively brilliant. Looking forward to some more of your writing when the juices start to flow.

  3. Shnuff

    Stampede’s not over just yet, Lisa- but the folks’ll miss it. Not that they were shedding tears over that prospect, but oh well.Mmm… mini donuts…-DaveC

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