For Aaron (requires QuickTime):

My frisbeeing antics have created a monster at work.

I came in to work yesterday (at six in the morning) to discover our
nightcrew in the parking lot, throwing around a frisbee. Steve informed
me that they were doing this regularly now during breaks.

The influence of TOOTH (The Order Of The Hfrisbee) is spreading. Join us!


7 thoughts on “

  1. InnerFreq

    calgary people are too much fun!!! if i read one more thing like TOOTH, i’ll spill my coke on me!  and yes i’d lick it up, i’m not wasteful dangit!
    (blast you, Silent “H”)

  2. Anonymous

    Yey for Muppets!

    I got that song stuck in the heads of my co-workers on the weekend. I’m good, aren’t I? 😛

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