EDIT: Wow, is it Tuesday? Tuesday morning, I guess. So it’s only been
about two days. This ‘shindig’ was on Sat night/very early Sunday
morning, in case that wasn’t clear, for Dave Gratton’s birthday.

Now, to detail the ‘shindig’, so graciously hosted by us.

Andy had the tremendous idea of making Philly cheesesteak sandwiches-
I’m not entirely sure where he got this idea- so we did that, and
bought a cake. Alex iced it “To Whom it May Concern”, as we seemed to
be covering a lot of birthdays (I wanted “Happy Combined Birthdays”, in
a nod to Dilbert). Aaron had a celebration for his on Friday, and it
turns out we missed Richard’s as well.

Speaking of Aaron, he’s in hospital, having done something gruesome to
his ankle while paintballing (I’m sketchy on details- I recall the
seperation of tendon from bone, or something like that, which doesn’t
sound good at ALL). Please pray for him.

So, with Andy cutting meat, Dennis cooking it, and me providing
instructions on how, precisely, to cut peppers, we prepared our feast.
With the unwavering assistance of Megan and Jess (thanks, gals), and
Andy managing to hold up a good conversation without chopping off any
fingers. I was suitably impressed.

The sandwiches turned out good- though, as usual, Alex and I somewhat
overshot our crowd when buying meat/buns. But then, I’m never averse to
leftovers- we’ll be having lots of cheesesteaks this week (and subs, to
finish off the buns).Woo!

There was some Mario Kart and Halo 2 while the food was prepared, and
then we watched “In Good Company” afterwards. Dave’s choices, Coach
Carter and Hitch, were rented out, so I took matters into my own hands.

In Good Company was a good movie. It doesn’t insult it’s audience, or
revert to easy, formulaic jokes a lot, as some comedy/dramas tend to
do. Topher Grace looks a little young for his part, but I like his
style- the acting was good across the board. Highly recommended.

Alex and some others played Monopoly, with Megan swearing off playing
it with Micky and Mike ever again (they weren’t there- she detailed the
experience). Having shared that experience, I can’t blame her. It’s
intense. They don’t stop. Ever.

After that, we presented Dave with a card (we had to sign it when he
was downstairs- can you tell we weren’t quite prepared?), and went on
our way. Some nice people took the time to clean up, too- I think it
was Megan and Dennis, but I can’t be sure. My thanks to whomever it
was, as it saved a lot of work (and it took a lot of work to get it
presentable in the first place).

That’s all I’ve got. G’night.


5 thoughts on “

  1. mjwoller

    I love the “to whom it may concern” cake. Thanks for putting on your shindig to support the effort of managing the birthday blitz. Megan exaggerates. Micky and I can be described as nothing short of laid back in terms of our monopoly playing style. Mike

  2. Shnuff

    Mike, “efficient” would be a good word, as you’re both engineers, and can appreciate the value of efficiency. Like, you could give me $100 now, instead of paying me $5 20 times.Come on… you know you want to.-DaveC

  3. Matuga

    Andy helped a ton, including the cleanup afterwards – he was a machine.You forgot to detail your pre-cleanup (and had people seen our kitchen beforehand, they would’ve appreciated it more), which was what started us all off.I’d play monopoly with Mike and Micky just to amuse myself by taking the most time possible and seeing them go nuts.- Dennis

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