In an attempt to bring the lurkers out of hiding, I shall again give
the oppurtunity to exact virtual violence on me. This time, I request
that you all beat me with sacks of oranges. This was a favourite of a
friend on Ontario (he suggested that “they left no incriminating
bruises”), and it fits with my fruit-and-vegetable occupation.

Have at it, people.

Threw an inpromptu shindig yesterday nite at our place to celebrate
Dave Gratton’s birthday (and the day after Richard’s!), which started
with a 3:30 in the afternoon call from Dennis at the church, asking me
to clean the house.

Spent a good hour on the kitchen alone (we had a LOT of dishes, and a
lack of dishwashing powder), and then, just as I was on the way out,
decided that cleaning the downstairs was a good idea too, since we
would most likely be making use of Alex’s big screen TV.

Upon going downstairs, I discovered that the cats had hairballed on the
carpet. This led to a private display of anger that I am not proud of,
and a frustrated, quick cleanup.

After I was done, and had done a little more cleaning, it was about
quarter after six- I briefly considered, in my angered state, not even
going to church. I wasn’t in a good state of mind, being exhausted from
the morning shift, and having just spent far too much time cleaning the
place up.

And then, in my misdirected rage, a voice: “That’s when you need Him most.”

My decision was made.

I arrived in the middle of the song “Humble King”, and felt the famliar
tugs of God on me. He wanted to bring me here so I could be humbled.

Paster Dozois spoke on Jesus “sharing his yoke” with us, and the common
misconception- that the “yoke” was his burden. The “yoke”, in fact, was
designed to lighten the load on the beasts of burden, making it so two
could share the burden instead of one.

When Jesus “shares his yoke” with us, he’s helping us carry our burden. This spoke directly into my heart.

As Pastor Dozois finished, he asked the team to play the song “Humble
King” again, feeling very strongly that it needed to be heard. This was
for me- God was speaking to me. I threw myself prostrate before Him,
there, in the church, as they sang, and He spoke to me.

He is the God of the humble, the friend of the weak. He washes the feet
of the weary, and embraces the one in need. Even a sinner like me. It
amazes me how often I forget that, and think “I can do it myself”, or
think I do not deserve His grace.

I need Him, every day, every moment. I am never alone.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    *beats you with a sack of oranges, as requested* Navel oranges OK, or would you prefer manderines, clementines, or Florida Juice oranges?
    Pastor Dozois….he must be new…don’t recall him when I left.

  2. no_wings

    *beats Dave with a sack of oranges* Whee! I do enjoy the welcomed violence on your blog. Keep up the good fight of the faith, the battle is already won. šŸ˜€

  3. Shnuff

    Miriam- How about valencias? They’re soft, and small. But not those organic ones. That’s a scam.Long story short, Duane is no longer with us, and is now at a church in Medicine Hat. John Dozois is our interim pastor. I’m sure any of the BBC folk here could detail the whole process as well as I could, and I’m not coherent enough to do it here and now. Maybe later.Kristen- Thanks.-DaveC

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