My beloved Detroit Pistons lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals yesterday
(after teams I was on
dropped two out of three games at ultimate frisbee). Sympathy comments
will be accepted. The better team won that night, though it was a tough
game to watch. No real excitement, and neither team could shoot.

I was going to put my own thoughts on Kristen’s recent religious/politically flavoured entry, but my mind is too muddled right now. Maybe later.

Continuing on the sports tack I started out on, I do enjoy our weekly
ultimate frisbee game, and it reminds me how much I miss competitive
sports. I do enjoy playing, but I think I enjoy the spirit of
competition just as much. We may have enough for two seperate games
next week, which would be good if we could find enough field space- it
was getting crowded and confusing with how many we had this time.

Coming home, and seeing me watching Game 7, Alex saw some of the
parallels between basketball and frisbee, and some of the skills that
transferred over (like my frantically waving my arms and jumping around
the guy with the frisbee, or playing “defense”, as the kids call it). I
don’t think we’ve made him a jock just yet, but he can see the appeal
in some of the sports Dennis and I watch. He prefers basketball and
hockey, with their constant motion, to the stops and starts of baseball
and football. Being a soccer playing guy himself, I can understand
that- though I still can’t watch soccer on TV.

Laundry’s done- and I’ve got lots of it to do. Later.


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