Nice to see the “analysts” hopping back on the Pistons’ bandwagon after
the blowout of the Spurs tonight. There’s plenty of room, boys. So long
as you recovered from turning your ankle after jumping off the
“Ginobili for Finals MVP” bandwagon.

I demand that you read Ryan’s recent blog entries ,
and the piece contained therein entitled “Kingdoms in the Sand”. I
demand that you do it now. Or you can read the rest of this first.
Whatever. You’ll ignore me anyway.

(Aside: Initially, I typed “Klingons” instead of “Kingdoms”. Trek on
the brain? Yes. But with good reason. Will get into this further if
time permits.)

Brought Cyber (“Steve”, for the initiated, since his real name’s out
there anyway) out to Ultimate tonight. He enjoyed it, and said he might
bring his wife out next time, provided I can get off work next week.

As we sat outside Mac’s, drinking slurpees and passing around the
scratch card, I pondered this seperation I seem to have between the
different “worlds” of my life. By my count, I have three, seperate,
distinct parts of my life that don’t often co-mingle: Work, church, and
writing. By bringing Steve out to this “church” event (I put Ultimate
in that category because it involves those of you who are from church
with me), some of the walls were broken down. It was out there, so to
speak. Those at work are aware of my faith, though I don’t often talk
about it. I pick and choose my spots, when I feel the time is right.
Partially out of cowardice, but I’ve never been of the belief that
beating someone over the head with your… uh.. beliefs is the right
course. Lead by example, and such, and when the time is right, you will
know. I think I do that well.

The Petra song “Chameleon” tends to pop into my head when I think of
this, and I question my own fortitude. Am I the same person, day to
day, world to world? Or do I “blend with my surroundings?”

I am very protective of my private life. The irony of putting this on a
publicly displayable blog does not escape me, but for whatever reason,
it’s easier to say here. I like the Biblical example of Paul, who was
bold in his letters, but admittedly quiet in person. I can’t recall
where he said that, but I KNOW it’s somewhere.Yeah, I need to get back
into that.

Back on topic…

Obviously, there are elements of me that transcend all of these
different “parts” of my life- the biting wit, being helpful, being
guarded, and the unworldly patience, but I struggle with being
consistent. At work, I struggle with cursing (I’ll ignore the obvious
‘palette dropping’ incidents, since the pain tends to override one’s
reasoning centres), and knowing when something is or isn’t appropriate,
to name one. And in a produce department that is 92.857143% male, and
mostly in the 16-25 age group (or, in some cases, should be), some of
the jokes and comments WILL be inappropriate. But it’s accepted- and on
a much bigger scale than I could have imagined. And it shouldn’t be.

The writing is a little different (and really, it’s a combination of
writing and role-playing), but there is loads of interaction there. I’ve met all kinds of fascinating
people, who, like me, have far too much time on their hands, can write
up a storm, and love Star Trek. I know a bunch of people who live near
San Franscisco, California, (Thus far, I’m their favourite Canadian)
and have written extensively with someone who was serving in Iraq. I’ve
written with people from Venezeula, Holland, and Britain, to name a few
countries. From that, I’ve come to know great people I would not have
known otherwise, in a way that tends to encourage “boldness” (like my
blogs, writing online tends to remove some boundaries). I think my
writing has improved exponentially, I know a handful of Dutch and
German words, more about Trek minutia than I ever cared to know, the
truth about what’s going on in the “sandbox”, as he called it; and far
too much about the Venezuelan political situation (three words: it’s
not good).

Names have been disincluded to protect the innocent, as they usually
will unless they’re obviously accesible elsewhere. That, and the
guardedness. I like to write. I really do.

That’s enough for now, I think. My mind is starting to wander, and this entry is really long.


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