EDIT #2: Set it to public access. Duh.

Allright, let’s give this a go- I think I’ve resized the images to
something that’ll fit most monitors, but I’ll change some stuff around
if it doesn’t work:

The graduate, with Mom and Dad.

The men of the Church family. Note the utter stoicism in my expression.
I think I was working security for the procession, or something.

Mom wanted a “silly” pic (just as we were starting to make our way in,
of course), which drew the obligatory eye-roll from Dennis, so I
obliged by throwing an arm around the graduate, with every intent of
putting him in a headlock and giving him a noogie. Little did I know,
he had prepared for that moment, and brought defensive gear. Curses!

And no, I don’t know what I was looking at. Certainly not the camera.

Thoughts on the ceremony, in no particular order:

Held at the Jack Simpson Gymnasium, with a fairly organized set-up-
graduates on the floor, academic-types on the stage, and guests in the
stands. We had the nosebleeds, sure enough, but that was fine. Made for
easier entering and exiting.

They moved really well. Though it was long, clocking in at over 2
hours, they kept it moving. Save for the speeches- there must be
something overpowering about being on stage, where you just don’t want
to leave.

The “Rooster Blues Band” provided some of the music for the ceremony,
entertaining before hand, and during the graduate procession, entering
and leaving. They were unremarkable, but solid.

Their song choice as the graduates were entering: The Rolling Stones’
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, with the sax playing the melody.
I had to try hard to keep from laughing, though I was pleased to see
Dad react similarly. Dennis related to me that the reaction from the
floor was “somewhat less than impressed”.

U of C president Harvey Weingarten is not a polished speaker, though
there was some genuine conviction behind his words. Though he seemed to
forget we were at a convocation- a ceremony for the GRADUATES- while
delivering his speech. Get off the soapbox, Harvey. Save your appeals
for funding for the province, and celebrate what your students have

The gal who says the names nailed all of them, I think (and there were
a LOT of names)- and even announced the dual degrees, and those that
graduated with honours. Not a single “oops” or hesitation, which was
more than I could say for the chancellor, who had fewer words to
mangle, and managed to do just that. I figure she’s been doing it for years, but seeing some of
those names, it was impressive.

And then, the band played “Hey Jude” as the graduates and academic
procession left, and we went to celebrate. Apparently Dennis gets to
keep the hat, and he did the traditional throwing-the-hat at the track
above the stands once we found him.

Congratulations, Dennis. This was a celebration of your hard work and
dedication over your five years on campus, and I hope you appreciate
your accomplishment.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    Wow…you can still write stuff after getting whacked in the head with a tire iron? NICE!!!

  2. Zera82

    Yeah congrats happy to hear you made it through post secondary schooling.  Now I just gotta get my indecisive bottom back to school someday.

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