Read this. Now.

I dislike missing church, because it tends to upset my balance (not physically, which I’m sure all you pedestrains appreciate).

Looked back at the Wednesday entry, and, sure enough, couldn’t believe
I’d written it. Thank you all for your kind words (and thanks to Shawn for his encouragement about work a few days ago), encouragement, and prayers. The lateness of the hour does not
diminish it’s
accuracy, though I’m not ALL doom and gloom. I enjoy my life, usually-
I just know that something’s wrong, and have known for a while. But right
then, I felt the need- and, perhaps, the ability- to put it into words.

Speaking to Lisa‘s
comment, I can somewhat explain that. I am, for
whatever reason, more comfortable saying something like that (heck, saying ANYTHING) behind a
keyboard than I am in person. I expect that it is a combination of
pride, shame, my writing aptitude, and my own reclusive tendencies that make this
so. I do not believe this to be ironclad (I have, on occasion, been
known to be wrong), but it is my best guess.

Alex and Dennis are home- I’m out. See some of ya on Thursday.


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