Miami keeping it surprisingly close against Detroit- Go Pistons!

Talked with the boss today, and he assured me the schedule would be
changed. I’m taking it with a grain of salt, as nothing was done when I
brought it up last time.

He wasn’t happy that I walked out, but he was pleased that I’d come
back to try and work out a solution. I was anxious, but it went as well
as it could have, I think. We’ll see about the results tomorrow.

Mom and Dad both supported whatever I felt I needed to do- Dad asked me
to think of the good things about working at the Big Red S, for a
change. Here are some, in no particular order:

1) Good guys, around my age. Guess I get that at university and church
too, but they’re all different atmospheres. For the most part, I get
along well with them.
2) Walking distance to work- I actually enjoy walking more than
driving, for reasons that elude me. Lord knows my pallid disposition
wouldn’t seem to suggest that.
3) A knowledge of produce that I did not possess before, and an
awareness of what’s on special from week to week. I also know to look
at unit/mass price as well as the total.
4) Break time with the guys- good bonding moments. As I’m not a social creature by nature, these “forced” situations are good for me sometimes.
5) Slurpee runs at 2 in the morning- best part of nightshift, easily.

Might be bringing a guy from work along to Ultimate frisbee this week,
which would be cool.  For those that aren’t aware, 7pm Thursday
nights at the field across from the church. Come one, come all. But
then, if you read this, you’re probably aware of it, as well as Mike’s
fantastically random emails on the subject.

As I’ve written, the Pistons have opened up a nice lead. Blogging is good luck.

Later, ladies and gents. Stay frosty.


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  1. Emmetovich

    It is good to look on the bright side of things once in a while. Doing that will keep you from going postal on your boss and/or coworkers. One of my colleagues mentioned today there was one instructor she hoped we never had to deal with again. And if she did have to, she might be bringing a gun to work. I hope she was kidding, but just in case I might keep my office door closed and locked tomorrow. If Shawn reads this, tell Joyce that I’m talking about the “Dragon Lady”

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