Walked out in mid-shift today upon discovering that they were flipping
me back to nights again next week. Will certainly have some words with
the big boss tomorrow regarding that, as this needs to be resolved. I’m
not going back on nights, not after switching to nights, and then back
to days, on short notice. Hell, with the walkout, I’m probably done

And I feel conflicted about it- they’re good people in a bad spot, for
the most part, and I do sympathize with that. But I refuse to sacrifice
any semblance of a life to be
their fill-in guy whenever it’s convinient, and to switch between days
and nights on a whim. I went to nights to do them a favor, and now,
they’re abusing it.

And, as Rosetown so eloquently put it: “If you’ve pissed off Churchy, you’ve done something real bad.”

made a good entry regarding conflict avoidance a while back, and a lot
of that applies to me, I think- I’m a terrible avoidant. Part of the
problem with this is that I let it fester a little before bringing it
to management. I went through the chain of command (every day last
week, I asked the lead man on nights: “So am I on nights or days next
week?” and every day, I got a different answer), and expressed my
frustration to my co-workers instead.

But then, when I finally DID see someone, management didn’t address the
problem, instead passing the buck to someone else, or saying “I’ll look
into it.” Talked to the big boss on Saturday, and he assured me that I
was on days for now, and that he’d ensure that was the case. I took him
at his word- he might be blunt, but he’s usually truthful.

Funny what people will say when they want something from you.

It may not have been the right thing to do to walk out, but I’m far from perfect. And far from content.


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  1. atomic_spirituality

    I consider myself to be a conniseur(?) of nasty jobs (present job excepted). Kenny Rogers spoke words of wisdom that apply to situations like this: “Know when to walk away, and know when to run” There’s plenty of jobs out there, man, and lots of people who are willing to put up with crap for a paycheck. Let one of them have your old job, and find a place that deserves you.

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