Another entry, since stuff has happened.

Missed Ultimate on Thursday, but went to BP’s with the boys from
produce tonight, which was cool. I now have dinner for my upcoming
shift. Diamond and Paskalis stiffed us, but they’ll hear about it soon.

My work sked for next week is still very much in the air, which has me
somewhat agitated (and by “somewhat agitated” I mean “I may just snap
on someone tomorrow morning”). With my cashflow being what it is, I’d
have no problem moving on from here, even if it takes a few weeks to
find something else. So long as I don’t start splurging, anyway, and I
don’t see that as being a problem. I don’t need much. Food, my
lappy-toppy, and a warm bed. And a car.

I don’t want to be flipping between days and nights all summer. Just
put me somewhere, and leave me there. That’s all I ask. I relented on
the nightshift thing when they asked nicely, under the agreement that I
would stay there for the summer, not be their fill-in day guy whenever
someone’s on holidays. Adjusting for nights was bad enough- flipping
back and forth may well drive me up the wall. Well, moreso than already.

Nice guys get screwed at this place. I really should know that by now.

Being on nights has somewhat disconnected me from the happenings around
the house: I woke up Wednesday afternoon to find Dad here (forgot he
was coming in for Dennis’ grad), and woke up today to find Dad and
Dennis prepping for a drive to the airport, to pick up Mom. This house
is getting crowded.

Kate’s coming in for the weekend, and Nanny (Mom’s mother) is coming in
for a day Tuesday for Dennis’ convocation- Dennis hit upon the ingenious idea of him sleeping
in my room to open up his, since we’ll be sleeping at different times.
I think Kate’ll be gone before Nanny gets here, so we won’t be too
packed. I hope.

And Andrew thinks HE types a lot. He’s got nothing on me.



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