Quote of the day, courtesy of Rosetown, from the Wednesday shift: “They
do know she didn’t win, right?” </sports reference>

First “night” off, and it went reasonably well- Alex and I did the mass
gaming thing again, and I think he’s still going. I’m starting to
adjust to this, though I’m still feeling tired a lot. Pulled some OT
yesterday, when a guy called in sick, and they had the entire crew stay
a little longer, instead of one guy pulling a double. It was weird
being around when the store opened- but I got cookies out of the deal,
so it worked out for the best.

So it’s confirmed- I’ll definately be on nights for a while, so that’s
kinda good. I wouldn’t have minded going back on days, but to do it so
soon would really have messed me up.

At least once a night, we end up walking to a nearby Petro station for
slurpees. Cyber knows the staff by name now, having been on nights for
a while.

I’m still figuring out how, exactly, I eat- do I have breakfast at four
in the afternoon when I get up? I don’t get all that hungry during the
nights, but I know I have to eat something when I’m working. Thus far,
I’ve ended up having “breakfast” when I get home,  before I go to
bed, which is more than a little disorienting. And I always wake up

(So is breakfast the first meal of the day, or are there certain foods
that define breakfast, like cereal, waffles, sausage, and pancakes?
These are important questions. For this writing, I’m going with the
latter, as I usually opt for cereal in the mornings.)

Comment response time:

I don’t think I’ve been on nightcrew long enough to really figure out
if I’ve become a “hermit”- Rosetown insists it will suck my life away,
but I’m trying my darndest to duck that conception. To a point, I’ve
always been a bit of a loner- whether that’s by design, or by choice, I
don’t really know. Probably a bit of both.

I’ll revisit the hermit question in a couple of weeks, when I’ve had time to figure out the angles.

Ultimate frisbee tonight, BP’s with the guys from work on Friday, and church on Saturday- we’ll see how all that goes.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what time you eat breakfast at…Breakfast is defined by bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Eating food like that at 18:00 can indeed be called breakfast.Though the internet defines it a different way…stupid internet…

  2. mjwoller

    “Hey have you guys heard about this Inter-Net? It’s the inter-netting they use to line swim trunks””I think I just logged onto my Inter-net”Hmmm, ok that was really random. But come on, that’s funny and you know it’s funny. Mike

  3. Shnuff

    Bacon and eggs- forgot about that. Thanks, Aaron.Cereal’s easy, though, so I do that usually. Bacon and eggs are only when I’m feeling ambitious.- Dave

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