I don’t usually like Finger Eleven, but “Thousand Mile Wish” is a
tremendous song by them. Beats the snot out of that overplayed,
repetitive “One Thing”.

Two nights down, and one to go before a day off. I’m tired all the time
now, though I’m told that will pass as I adjust. Ultimate frisbee is
still a go on Thursday, since I’ve got Wed night/Thursday morning off.
But then…

It turns out I may not be on nights as long as I’d figured (according
to the sked, though my schedule has changed every week for the past
month), which is both a good and a bad thing. Good in the sense that I
can resume a semi-normal sleeping pattern, bad for very much the same
reason. The irritating thing about it was hearing about it from
everyone else on crew, and not from the manager (who had the
oppurtunity just as I left this morning).

I guess my question is, “Why?” Why have me go on nights if you’re just
going to move me back after a week? Why ask me to make all those
changes to my life routine to accomodate you, just so you can change it
on a whim? Answers will be sought this morning, when the managers come in.

Moose thinks I’m on crew for the summer, and everyone else has the very
distinct impression that I’m going off next week. So who’s right, here?
And why haven’t the higher-ups informed me one way or the other?

This is the sort of stupidity that happens all the time, though in my
case, it didn’t ever include the nightshift before. And, really, this
job isn’t worth it. Decent pay, good enough people, but so much
stupidity. I guess that comes with the territory at this level.

A sure sign I need to get out of this place, and back into school.


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