Being awake (and semi-conscious) for dawn is a neat thing. I guess I
won’t miss the sun after all- I’ll just see a different part of it.

If it were a 6 am shift, I’d be getting up now.

Alex was kind enough to stay up the night with me- a little Jedi
Knight, a little War3 (while watching the Two Towers), and a little
Halo 2 to finish up. He’s usually up late, apparently, but I’m winding
down now. He’s still going, I think, which is both heartening and

A little WoW to finish it off, I think, and then I’ll hit the sack.


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  1. DangeresqueDan

    Hey good call on the star wars, Andrew, Josh and myself watched 5 and 6 last night. And not to my surprise i felt much better watching those than any of the newer ones. How is Halo 2 haven’t had the chance to play it yet?

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