I’m going on the nightshift next week, in an attempt to escape the
stupidity of days right now (the “25.5 out of 48 hours spent at work
without overtime” BS, which has happened three times in the last three
weeks) and the ominpresent… uh… presence of myself in the grocery
department, as opposed to the domain of fruits and vegetables which I
normally purvey.

I’m told this will last the summer, which is good, since that’s about
how long I figure I’ll last. Tops. I have my “two-weeks” written up,
and am putting my resume out for student-type jobs, with an eye towards
using my brain towards academic purviews in the fall.

But enough about that. Let’s explore the upside:

1) I may never have to shave again. I will, I guess, because it itches
like hell after about the third day, but it lowers the need to do that.
Also, no more stupid uniforms!

2) Consistent sleeping patterns (maybe- I’m hoping to get a routine
going). You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this, after
all those 5 am shifts one day, and until 11 pm the next. I’ll sleep
while you work, and work while you sleep. You won’t even notice I’m
gone, except on the weekends.

3) Socially, not a lot changes. Now I’ll be able to go to ultimate
frisbee every week, and church every weekend (though social events will
be hit and miss, depending on my sked). And I won’t miss Dennis’
convocation (June 8th!)

4) It’ll be neat, I think, to see what it’s like being up at night. I
have no idea how I’ll pass the time on days off, having to keep quiet
while Dennis sleeps (and Alex… uh… plays Halo 2 in the basement.
I’ll probably see more of him because of this, with his nocturnal

5) This is the best: Escaping the utter stupidity that is being on days
right now (and not being where I want to be), and the sheer seperated
ignorance of our management, who sometimes can’t see past the next buck
(and, despite our understaffed situation, continue to loan people to
other stores. Does anyone else see the problem with this?).

6) More blog entries at weird times. Early mornings lead to stupid ramblings! Yay for you!

The downside:

1) One of the reasons I was completely and utterly against going on
nights before (especially at our store): The ominpresent use of alcohol
in social gatherings. I consider myself a “social drinker,” but am very
vigilant in watching my limits. There will certainly be some pressure
to change that.

Though I mentioned before that “nothing will change” socially, I’m not
so ignorant as to believe that this will totally be the case. I’ll see
my workmates 30-40 hours a week, and will, naturally, develop a
connection with them. Some of them I know from days, and some not. But
this will lead to more… temptations than before.

2) I’ll have to try hard to avoid becoming a “hermit” (more so than
already, anyway). I’ll HAVE to continue to get out, to Thursday nite
ultimate, to church, and to those other social things that we do, so I
don’t lose that support system because of work. I love you all
(especially those of you who blog), and hope to continue our
assocation. Really. It’ll just be a little more… difficult.

3) I’m not an outdoorsy person, but I imagine I’ll miss the sun. Though
the days are long enough now that I see it in the morning. Nonetheless,
I will bid a fond farewell to the afternoon heat… for now.

4)  Not having what would be considered a “normal” life, and
having to sleep during the day. The first week is going to be horrible
(or so I’m told). But then, that’s been happening for a while, so I’ll
get over that.

Working until 11 tonight, and then coming back in at 11pm on Sunday.
The final flip-off from the managers before I go on (manager man said
“he owed me huge,” but wouldn’t give me today off to rest up, and
prepare for the change. Thanks. I feel a sick day coming on…)

Uh… that’s all. More when I have it.


5 thoughts on “

  1. mjwoller

    Hey Dave, I hope all goes well with your night shifts. You have given it a more positive view than I could have imagined for it. It actually makes me want to work nights now too! I’m glad you will be able to remain faithful to the ultimate frisbee regime. Keep us posted as to how the temptation situation goes. You got a full line of support here so call on it when needed. Good luck with the first week! Let us know how that goes too. It would be interesting to hear how your outlook varies with time throughout that week (and afterward for that matter). Mike

  2. Shnuff

    Thanks, Mike. Your support is appreciated (as is everyone else’s).And prayers, people- forgot to put that in the entry. Pray for me!

  3. Anonymous

    Prayers…I think I can manage that. *L* Considered yourself prayed for Dave.

    Good luck with the night shifts though.

  4. Matuga

    If you and Alex didn’t keep me awake last night, I doubt there’s any need for you to keep quiet. Just keep the attack porcupines out of my room.- Dennis

  5. Shnuff

    Really? I thought we had Two Towers CRANKED. I went upstairs to get my War3 disc, and I could hear it (softly, but still there) two floors up.Alex made it to 11 this morning. I got to about six, fed the cats, and went to bed.Six hours until the first shift.

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