In an attempt to spur up some discussion, here are my thoughts on Star
Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. For the three of you in the
known world who haven’t seen it, The text will be blotted out-
highlight it with your mouse, and it’ll show up.

Thoughts (SPOILERS):

  I liked the
ending- reminded me of Empire, in that though things are looking bad,
there’s some hope to offset it. “Dark” can make for good cinema, if
done correctly, and I think it was pulled off nicely here.  

James Earl Jones say “Padme” may have been one of the more awkward
moments in SW history. Hearing him say “NOOOOOOO!”- much more so. But
that was more an homage to Luke in Empire, I think.On the other hand, I
absolutely loved the shot of Lars Skywalker (name?), standing in the
desert, holding baby Luke in his arms. 

Why didn’t Obi-Wan finish Anakin
off? I mean, yeah, it’s been established that he has to live, and all,
but… wouldn’t anyone else have done it? Isn’t that what he was sent
after Anakin for? 

Who knew that Obi-Wan was a fighter pilot (albeit a
reluctant one)? Also, Ewan MacGregor developed nicely into what I
pictured a younger Obi-Wan looking like.  

Now we know why Yoda doesn’t
have a lightsaber. 

For all that acting talent (I will argue indefinately
that Hayden Christensen is much, much better than this series has made
him out to be), there were some very wooden performances- I think a lot
of that has to do with Lucas, who hasn’t improved much as a
writer/director since the first trilogy. Samuel L. Jackson was the
worst offender. And it really hurts to say that. 

Midichlorans. For the
love of god, why?!? 

And, a final thought on a “continuity error” that
seems to have the nerd community buzzing. Leia, in Return of the Jedi,
commented on her mother, saying, “”Just like things really, she was
kind and caring and very beautiful.” But here, we saw that Padme died
in childbirth. 

Keep in mind that “Kind”, “caring” and “beautiful” are
very general descriptors for mothers. I seem to recall Leia pausing in
her response,(I will watch it again to confirm my suspicions) as if struggling for words, though that would seem to
demand a level of prowess not usually asked of actors in Star Wars

Final rating? Seven out of ten. Much better than the preceding two, and a good finish to the trilogy, and the series.


4 thoughts on “

  1. ahub

    Yeah..I had similar thoughts and I’d give er a 7/10 too. I like the way that it linked up with the next ones, though I really didn’t like that last scene with the Emperor and Darth Vader…I can’t remember why though. And was that really James Earl Jones? I totally didn’t think it was.

  2. Shnuff

    1) I seem to remember reading that it was, indeed, James Earl Jones doing the Vader voice on Ep3. 2) To do the crazy-cool highlighting text thing, simply set the textcolor to be the same as the background for the selection that you want to be “spoilered” out.

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