Did my first “Thursday night Ultimate Frisbee” two nights ago,  and lived to tell the tale.

Man, am I out of shape. Sucking wind after the second score, though I didn’t pace myself at all.

Matt’s admittedly sarcastic idea of having a triage unit on standby
isn’t all that horrible an idea, given the various maladies that
occured during our second week. Ryan and Dennis both hurt a leg, my
elbow found Dave’s nose (sorry, buddy), and people cramped up all over
the place.

Bottom line, I’m a dangerous individual when playing competitive sports.

Andy and Jeff just didn’t stop. Andy, man, you wouldn’t see him
anywhere near the frisbee, and he’d end up with it. I can’t explain it.
He was all over the place. Wish I’d had him on my team at one point (if
not for his high sailing throws, anyway)

Work still makes me crazy, as nobody in the place can write a schedule
and stick to it. Day one of six in a row begins in…. just over
seven hours. Time to dust off the ol’ resume, and get my brain back in
school. I just can’t keep doing this.


2 thoughts on “

  1. DangeresqueDan

    Hey Dave well i know what you mean by out of shape. Over here us guys are getting fat and lazy. Its interesting to see how a gut really does grow and thats about the extent of our exercise. Other than random basketball games and the occasional urge to play soccer. Well God bless and never stop playing sports.

  2. mjwoller

    Yeah, seems that there were some unfortunate incidents there last week. But can’t you not deny that it was the most fun you had in like…well ever? Thanks for coming by the way. Another couple of weeks of this and we will all be moulded into Andy’s terrifying minions of the frisbee. We gotta figure out a way to bring that kid down. The only success I have experienced thus far is running after him and right before he goes to make a catch, you make a sound like you are going to spit on him. Oh, wait, I thought of another one. I also tackled him once and he didn’t catch the frisbee. you gotta take a penalty but if we can injure Andy in the process it will all be worth it. Bwa Har! later,Mike

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