Has it been three weeks? Wow, how the time flies. Gut check time.

Dennis is almost done exams- and, barring any unexpected developments,
will graduate this summer. I can’t help but be proud, but at the same
time, I’m aware that this could mean a radical change in my own life.

I am, of course, speaking of him possibly having to move when he finds
his place in the workforce. I wouldn’t be anything but happy for him,
of course, but it is a change that scares me.

It’s funny- as a twin, you spend a lot of your life attempting to
establish a seperate identity, and I can recall getting irritated at
times when people lump us together (“What, you mean you can’t run the
sound board? Dennis can.”). But now, the prospect of possibly being
seperated from that “other half” is something I don’t look forward to.


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