Alex is home for the week- much shenanigans will certainly ensue.

He bought World of Warcraft, so we’re all starting up characters on the
same server (Kel’Thuzad, for any of you who’ve invested in it). We’re
currently sitting around the room upstairs, by Dennis’ computer. Alex
brought his laptop, and I’ve got mine, so we’re ‘mobile’. Cords are
criss-crossing on the floor, and the cats are investigating what is
going on. They seem confused. I would be too, if I walked into this

Curling’s done for the year. We finished off with a win, though we
didn’t make the playoffs. Despite being horribly overmatched (moving
from “D” in the first half of the season to “A”) we were competitive in
most of our games, despite my relative inexperience, and the more
casual nature of our team. We stole a few wins, and should have gotten
a couple more.

Looking forward to next year- talk of a team from work getting
together, though we need a skip (or, more to the point, a GOOD skip)

Man, I miss team sports. Definately need to get a group together once
it gets warmer, and start doing that sort of thing more often.

Going on WoW with Alex and Dennis, so I’ll see y’all later.


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  1. jonnyhartney

    Well, most of the computer people I’m with in class never stop ranting about Word of Warcraft.  How good it is, how obsessed with it they are… and that includes teachers!  So… tell me… is it really THAT good?

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