A long entry, to make up for the drought. More common in the next while, hopefully.

I wish I was this honest with you, some days.

People are dropping like flies at work- funeral, neck tweaking, back
going out, among other things. All our good luck has finally…
actually, we haven’t had good luck at all. Something is always going

On the plus side, more hours for me!

On the minus side, same thing.

Confession time: I’m a closet geek. Actually, I’m not really a closet
geek. I look the part. I act the part, most of the time. But it’s worse
than that… oh yes. Much worse.

I’m a *drumroll* amatuer writer.

I don’t talk about it much. Come to think of it, I don’t talk about
anything much. I’m a quiet guy, by nature. But put me on a keyboard,
and God help me, I won’t shut up.  (Biblical reference: Paul
describes himself in much the same way- bold from a distance, and timid
up close. Hope that’s a good omen)

I entered NANOWRIMO 2004, and failed miserably (hello, attention span).
But I’ve been writing consistently for the last three years, in what
might be called glorified fanfiction (with a dash of roleplaying),
collaborating with other writers from across the globe. I’d like to
tell you more, but I can’t. There’s a certain level of fear involved
here. I can’t really explain why, as all of you who read this are good
friends, and unlikely to say horrible, horrible things about me if you
don’t like it.

I did real fanfiction, waaaaaaay back in the day (it’s on the internet,
somewhere)- I can’t stand to read it now. It’s garbage. I like my
writing now so much better.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Toodle-oo.


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