Saskatoon’s nice- nicer than Calgary was when we left. Got home, and the sun was shining.

I was mad that Dennis had parked on the roof, though- he was probably
moreso, having turned his ankle coming out of the folks’ house in ‘Toon.

Went to a Blades game while we were in Saskatoon, which is more than likely the only hockey we’ll see all year.

It was “Gordie Howe Night”- turns out Gordie Howe is from Saskatoon. I
had absolutely no idea. They had a huge pregame ceremony, which started
with Howe being driven around the ice in a car. Then we had to
listen to speeches from some corporate suits, the mayor of Saskatoon,
and then the premier of Saskatchewan, all extolling the virtues of “Mr.
Hockey”, and presenting him with various gifts. After all that, they
gave Gordie the mic.

In the end, I was ok with Howe’s speech (being as he’s, you know, one of the greatest of all time)- but the rest of ’em should
have given the gifts, and walked away. It was like they were trying to
outdo each other.

So they ended up naming a street in Saskatoon after him- “Mr. Hockey
Gordie Howe Lane” (I’m not joking). I mean, how do you put that on an

At least they had the sense to make it the street the arena was on. Onto the game…

Wasn’t all that impressed through the first period- Dad made the astute
observation that “the Blades don’t finish well.” They’d would carry the
puck into the offensive zone, and then, almost like clockwork, would
miss a pass, take a weak shot, or get stripped of the puck.

Players I liked on the Blades:

#20, C Wacey Rabbit- I pointed him out during warmups, amused, and kept
an eye on him when he was out there. Seemed to lose every faceoff over
the first two periods, though displayed excellent hustle on the penalty
kill, despite his smallish size. His first faceoff win was on the
powerplay, late in the second, and led to a goal by…

#39, RW Ryan Keller – Scored twice. The first goal was later credited
to a linemate, so he scored again, and still ended up with two goals.
Didn’t seem to do much else, but then, goal-scorers don’t really need

#35, G Ryan Cyr – Kept the Blades in it when they couldn’t muster up
any offense, though he let a couple in during the third period.

Work hates me for taking time off, apparently. Not looking forward to the next few days, as I’m scheduled pretty tight.

See ya later.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    I think that’s the bane of working in a grocery store…you take time off, and you pay for it later….*shrugs* Tis life, I suspect.

    Glad you had a good time with your folks, and hope Dennis’s ankle feels better.

  2. jonnyhartney

    Nice!  I didn’t know that Gordie Howe was from Saskatoon either!  Nice player profile too!  It was entertaining/interesting to read.

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