This is an entirely football related entry. You have been warned.

Super Bowl pick: Patriots by seven. I want the Eagles to win, but I can’t see it happening.

There’s a possibility of overconfidence from a team this heavily
favoured, but the Patriots aren’t the type of team to make that
mistake. The thinking this whole playoffs is that you can exploit the
Patriots’ injury ridden secondary, but it hasn’t happened yet. Credit
that to Pats defensive co-ordinator Romeo Crennel (NOT head coach Bill
Belichick, who might be the most overrated coach in the history of
sports. Does ANYONE remember his time with the Browns?), who’s done a
phenomenal job putting those guys in a position to succeed. That’s why
he’ll be the Browns head coach next year.

It kills me to talk about TO, but I have to. Terrell Owens will play, and he WILL be a factor, one way or the other.
The Patriots absolutely cannot let him play the Jack Youngblood/Willis
Reed angle. If he does anything, the Eagles will draw off it- even if
it’s just a catch or two early. It’s a win-win situation for the
Eagles, outside of the growing possibility of a more serious injury for
their star wide reciever. God may have “cleared him to play” (If anyone
wanted confirmation that Owens is an attention seeking prima donna,
that’s it right there),  but God’s not going to save him from a
Rodney Harrison ankle tackle.

Everyone’s talking about Bill Belichick being undefeated (with the
Patriots) when given two weeks to prepare, but does anyone know that
Eagles head coach Andy Reid is 9-0 under the same circumstances? One of
them’s going to have a defeat after this weekend.

Freddie Mitchell, you’re not a starter, and you ceased being
relevant with a dismal performance in the conference championship. Quit
whining about not having a podium
for media day.

I’m out.


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