The Steelers lost yesterday. Today is a sadder day because of it. The worst of it was, it was never close..

Pastor Duane is a huge Pats fan, so I’m willing to let it pass. Feb 6, though, it’s ON. Go Eagles!

Last year, at the behest of… uh.. myself and Dad,  I joined a
curling league. Monday nights, during the winter and spring, at the
Garrison Curling Club. Ever since I quit recreational basketball at the
end of high school, I’ve missed playing sports.

And now that I curl… I still do.

Kidding aside, I’ve really enjoyed it. Having mastered the
‘fundamentals’ of sports like baseball and basketball, it was a little
difficult starting from the beginning with a new sport. But now, I’m
starting to figure it out. Still throwing lead rocks (which is typical
for a new player), but I somewhat understand the strategy.

Slowly, but surely, I’m turning into my father. Soon, I’ll be able to watch golf on TV. *shudders*


4 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    So what, you don’t want to turn into your father?I didn’t know that Duane was a Pat’s fan. I admit, I don’t watch football, but I do know bits and pieces of things.

  2. Shnuff

    More to the point, Miriam, I don’t EVER want to be able to watch golf on TV. The “turning into my father” bit was more of general observation, though I’d like SOME differences. Apologies if I confused you.Duane grew up in New England, if I recall correctly- I’d wager that’s where he acquired his taste for Boston-area teams, like the Patriots, and the Red Sox.

  3. jonnyhartney

    Interesting post Dave, I’m not into curling myself, but being originally from a small town in BC, I heard and saw a bit about it.  It tried it out.  I once had a friend who had a devil of a time because he put one of those slip shoes on each foot & took a good spill.  Ah yes, it’s a … hmmm … what’s the word … DIFFERENT sport.  I’ll just leave it at that.
    – Jon

  4. Anonymous

    Ah, okay. Man, I feel so out of the loop now….but I don’t think I was ever in it. *LOL*
    While I’m commenting, anybody else other than your brother, Jon, Dan, and Andrew from BBC/Beaverbrook (that I would know) have Xanga?? I’m trying to expand to people I actually know off the internet.

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