Yeah, I’m here. I’ve got nothing. Here’s an update, in any case.

We’re moving out of the apartment on the weekend of the 17th, and in a
weird twist of fate, back into the house, since it didn’t sell. I’m
already getting a hard time about it at work (on a related note, Riley
has asked me to shave my head again). Mom and Dad are coming back to
help out, and we’ve got some other guys, so we’ll be in good shape to
get our stuff over in a couple of days.

Picks for Week 4: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Miami (because it doesn’t make
any sense), Houston, NY Giants, Indianapolis, New Orleans, NY Jets, San
Diego, Arizona, Carolina, Seattle, Baltimore, and Green Bay.

Did pretty good last week, after fudging Week 2.

MLB Playoffs are here, and I’m pumped. Mariano Rivera is getting
beaten, Houston’s the bandwagon pick for this year, and there’s not a
single team I like left. It’s just now a matter of who I hate less. So
long as it’s not the Yankees, I don’t care who wins.

Dennis picked up an EA five pack of PC games for $24 at Wal-Mart- I’d
say LOTR: ROTK was worth it, even without the others (Red Alert 2, 007:
Nightfire, Need for Speed 3, and SimCity 3000 Unlimited). It’s a
fantastic game- and it has a cooperative mode (Again: IT HAS A
COOPERATIVE MODE). Now, if only we had a controller…


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