For the moment, I have too much time on my hands. Though I’m still not going to clean my apartment- it’s just not worth the effort. Maybe tomorrow.

To all major sports networks: Cease and desist in talking about the NHL lockout. It’s not ending anytime soon. Get over it. Also cut out putting poker, pool, and spelling bees on TV. It doesn’t work.

Now- Dave’s guide on how to do NFL picks:

1) Pick against the Dolphins, 49ers, and Cardinals. Every week they’re playing, without exception.

2) Pick the Colts, Patriots, Eagles and Vikings- again, every week, without exception.

3) Pick the rest of the teams out of a hat. If any of the teams in above rows are playing each other, do the same.

4) Throw all that out, and pick randomly. Because at this point, records and perception don’t mean spit.

Did picks at work for the first time this week, putting my inner analyst on his treadmill, with money on the line- and got absolutely thrashed. The worst of it was, I switched to the Chiefs at the last second, and broke my first rule in picking San Francisco. On a hunch. Some hunch.

Now, to try my hand at this week’s matchups:

Pittsburgh, Indy, New England, New York, New York, Houston, Philly, Washington, Carolina, New Orleans, Denver, San Diego in an upset, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

Yeah, I think that’ll do it.

Dennis is playing “Hitman”, which we picked up for 10 bucks at Wal-Mart, and quite enjoying it. Now, why can’t he get into Deus Ex (a superior “thinking man’s shooter”, for my money) like I did? “Plot”, he says.

I say the first Deus Ex has plot coming out of it’s pores. As for Invisible War… well, it does too, but it’s not quite as gripping. I still enjoy it, though, even when I run out of ammo every fifteen seconds (don’t use the sniper rifle, kids- it drains ammo like nobody’s buisness, even if it’s got the most satisfying sound of any of them).

If you could combine Invisible War’s graphical polish, character variety and wealth of choices with the gripping plot and pace of the first Deus Ex, you’d have the perfect game. I’d never turn off my laptop again.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Matuga

    May I also add the fact that all you do in Hitman is kill, but it’s strategic elimination-you have to do it right, and you have to minimize outside casaulties or you’ll lose the mission even if you get your main target.I haven’t actually seen a lot of the plot, yet-lack of an in-game mission save feature just kills this game. It’d be gold with one, as is, it’s just pretty good.

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