Yeah, I skipped the writing entry- sorry. It’ll come later.

It occurs to me, that, for anyone other than the three of you I’ve told about this place to visit here, I may have to tell others about this ‘blog’. Others I’m less familiar with. This scares me, for some of the reasons I’ve covered before and others I haven’t.

Part of my intent in making this was to provide a forum I could express my thoughts/news/random musings, on a medium I’m comfortable with, in a format where my friends and family can read them, if they so desire. As I said before, I’m a terrible conversationalist, but I won’t shut up on email. For whatever reason, I find writing here liberating. Don’t ask me to explain it. Maybe, as Max said, ‘anonymity is a warm blanket…’

By the way, if I start getting seriously emo on you, slap me upside the head. I hope to maintain a good combination of entertainment, enlightenment, and good old fashioned griping in this place, and I hope you get something from coming here. If not, there’s lots of other more interesting people/places on the web for you to peruse. Go bug one of them.


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